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Managing Talent for Growth and Advancement

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HR leaders across industries are striving to enhance workforce planning in ways that advance skills and engagement, as well as diversity and inclusion.

What is the best combination of technology and human judgment to take bias out of:

  • Career Advancements

  • Key-assignment allocations

  • Employee training initiatives

...and other career-development steps?


Kristi Robinson is the EVP and Head of Talent Acquisition at Citizen’s Bank. Kristi is an accomplished global HR executive with 20 years of Fortune 500™ experience. As the head of Talent Acquisition at Citizen’s Bank, Kristi serves as Talent Advisor and Connector. She works tirelessly to marry top talent with the right opportunities at the right time and to engage and inspire people who interact with Citizens.

Vijay Swaminathan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Draup, an AI-Driven Reskilling and Talent Intelligence Platform. Vijay has extensive experience in the areas of Product Ideation, Concept to Productization, and Platform enablement. He has developed numerous quantitative models and heuristics related to global talent, business analytics, and strategic business initiatives.

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13 Aug 2020

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