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Making SWP Real – Relating Strategic Planning to the ‘Day-to-Day’ Experience

21 February 2023
Online Conference

Vamsee Tirukkala, Co-Founder & CCO, Draup, and Alessandro Alessandrini, Head of Workforce & Workplace, Airbus, talk about how workforce planning can be linked to employees’ daily activities to create a more mobile, flexible, and multi-skilled workforce.

They will dive deep into:

  • Connecting a long-term workforce planning view with day-to-day operations
  • How to shift thinking and attitudes to enable workforce mobility and reskilling 
  • Exploring the shift to a skill-based organization
  • Change management advice when implementing Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) tools and technology. 

Join the online session at the SWP Conference 2023 Global conference to learn how SWP aligns the workforce with the business’s long-term goals and the challenges organizations face in getting enterprise-wide support for SWP.


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