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How HR Can Look Ahead During Uncertain Times

26 October 2022

Economists strongly suggest a Recession is on the horizon. Recent reports say this could be as soon as Q4 2022.

– What does a recession mean for your HR initiatives?

– How will your recruitment strategies be affected?

– How can your company future-proof your HR?

Enterprises are looking at workforce planning and recruitment investments with lesser intensity.  However, the function of Recruitment is not just hiring new team members.  There is a strategic value that a Recruiter brings to the table.

How should Human Resources in general and Recruiters, in particular, operate during uncertain times?

Recession-proof your company’s HR with data-driven strategies from Draup.

Join Vijay Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder, Draup, for a thought leadership spotlight on How HR Can Look Ahead During Uncertain Times.

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