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How HR Can Look Ahead During Uncertain Times

15 November 2022

The workforce demand-supply gap is set to touch 16.9% by 2027. Talent scarcity is further complicated by the looming threat of a recession. 

Emerging HR trends such as Gig working, Flexible workplace models, Metaverse & rapidly evolving skills clusters pose a global challenge for HR initiatives. 

Join Vijay Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder, Draup, as he explores how: 

HR can transition into a data-driven analytics organization to truly take advantage of emerging trends. 

Vijay will explore how HR can mitigate the impact of a recession & elevate the HR function with data-backed insights into: 

– What a recession means for HR initiatives 

– How recruitment strategies will need to be redesigned 

– How your company can future-proof its HR function 

Register for the thought leadership spotlight on [Nov 15th ], hosted  by FromDayOne on Workers and the Corporate Values Revolution 


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