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Granular Career Progression Simulations – A Useful Tool for Retention

09 February 2022
Asia Society Texas Center, Houston

As attrition rates continue to increase unabated, more companies are willing to invest time & resources to identify the root cause and engage with their employees more meaningfully.

A key stumbling block to analyzing the root cause of attrition is that HR is often woefully unaware of the key macro business intentions driving the talent economy.

Vijay Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder of Draup, will deliver a talk on

Granular Career Progression Simulations – A Useful Tool for Retention

The talk will explore how connecting HR with macro business intentions can help you

  • Enable HR teams to identify emerging skill requirements & develop exciting career progressions for your employees.
  • Align employee aspirations with your future skills demand & reduce talent costs
  • Improve talent retention & boost employee satisfaction

Extracting talent trends to simulate career progressions at a granular level is key to building employee confidence in your company’s support for employee career growth.

The talk is a part of the one-day conference on “Listening to What Workers Want,” hosted by From Day One and sponsored by Draup.

Join us on Wed., Feb. 09, 2022

12:10 PM CST – 12:30 PM CST

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