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Understanding The Hospital IT Landscape

Digitization Medical Device April 11, 2019

Understanding The Hospital IT Landscape


The healthcare industry has quietly shed the laggards tag and have quickly emerged as frontrunners in digitization. Hospitals are driving technology advancements by creating a digital framework for seamless integration of all aspects of patient care and administration. There are 5 major themes that are seen as critical in the hospital IT ecosystem – Smart Care, Patient Information Management, Remote Care, Medical Devices, and Intelligent Enterprise Systems.
Large enterprises such as Microsoft and Accenture are collaborating with healthcare providers to address a variety of use cases such as chronic disease management, virtual care solutions, risk scoring, patient tracking and monitoring, precision medicine, and patient on/off-boarding. Accenture and Microsoft helped Spain’s Basque Country Health Centre build a remote elderly patient monitoring system. Athenahealth’s cloud-based network system helps Minnie Hamilton Health System identify bottlenecks and streamline the revenue cycle.
Download the report as we provide an overview of the hospital IT landscape, understand digital transformation trends across these 5 major themes and the opportunities available for vendors and service providers.

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