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Autonomous Vehicle: Future of the Automotive Industry

Automation August 13, 2018
Autonomous Vehicle: Future of the Automotive Industry


Draup executed a comprehensive analysis of autonomous vehicles and how it is spurring a transformative shift in the current automotive value chain. The global technology spend on autonomous vehicles in 2017 was ~30 bn USD, of which ~29% belonged to traditional OEMs such as BMW, Ford, Tesla etc.

The traditional automotive industry is getting disrupted due to technology providers across diverse industry segments. Autonomous vehicles (AV) have huge potential to impact global economies, markets and industries; the estimated worth of the industry is estimated to be $87 Bn by 2020, $2.2 trillion potential savings in US, and 2000 number of global AV start-ups in 2020.

The current AV ecosystem consists of 500+ players including Automotive, Semiconductor, Software/Internet and new age disrupters, amongst which the top 25 players include Uber, Apple, Bosch, Nauto, Tesla, etc who are investing in the technology cumulatively.

Liberal government policies, technology advancement and ecosystem openness to co-innovate are the key enablers driving autonomous vehicle innovations. Open-source ecosystem created by the technology mafia and new age players have created a collaborative and co-innovative environment.

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