Quantum Computing Ecosystem: Market & Talent Overview


The emerging field of Quantum Computing is gaining momentum and is expected to grow with a CAGR of nearly 25% YOY. With this growth, there is a growing demand for Quantum Computing Talent, particularly in software engineering, technical consulting, hardware engineering, product and program management, and research science. 


The US is currently the largest hotspot for QC talent due to the presence of global tech giants and quality R&D. However, other countries such as Germany, India, Singapore, and the UK are also experiencing a growing demand for quantum computing talent. The National Quantum Initiative, passed by the US House, authorizes more than $1.2 billion in quantum research and technology over the next five to 10 years, further highlighting quantum computing’s relevance. 


To enter the field of quantum computing, prior experience in programming, basic quantum mechanics, linear algebra, basic group theory, basic probability and stochastic processes, and basic algorithms and analysis of algorithms are required. Working knowledge or research experience in quantum computing is also a plus. 


The annual average job openings and growth rate for companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are also increasing, with a 29% increase in Amazon and an 18% increase in Google.