Analyzing the Global Media & Entertainment Industry


The media and entertainment industry is constantly evolving as it adapts to new technologies and tries to attract customers. The market for this industry is expected to reach USD 2.5 trillion by 2025, with a 5.6% CAGR. The media and entertainment industry is divided into five different markets: TV and video, advertising, others, printing, and gaming. TV and video make up 27% of the industry, advertising 25%, others 19%, printing 15%, and gaming 14%. New players are entering the market and expanding their global presence due to 5G and OTT. The industry is also geographically diverse, with America accounting for 40%, EMEA for 30%, and APAC for 30%. 


Within the media and entertainment industry, there are several key segments, including printing and publishing, television and video, advertising, gaming, and others. These segments each have their own trends and key players. The printing and publishing sector is driven by digital magazines, online subscriptions, and digital subscription services. Key players in this segment include HarperCollins, Mondi, The New York Times, Canon, Xerox, and HP. The TV and video segment is driven by OTT services and rising internet penetration. Key players in this segment include Foxtel, Apple TV+, DIRECTV, Huawei, Disney, and Netflix. The advertising segment is being driven by mobile advertising as a cost-effective and targeted means of communication.