questions answered

  • General

    1. How will my sales benefit from this product?

      We would be glad to showcase a live demo of DRAUP over a video call, or if convenient, at your office. Reach us at for setting this up, or please fill the ‘request a demo’ form with pertinent details.

  • Cost/Billing

    1. What is the subscription fee for DRAUP?

      Depending on the modules, verticals as well as the number of licenses, the subscription fee varies. Mail us on for further details.

  • Data And Updates

    1. How often is the DRAUP database updated?

      The analysis that DRAUP does is an ongoing process, which is updated to the database in real-time to reflect the latest trends and data points.

  • Subscription

    1. Can I subscribe to DRAUP individually?

      Currently, access to the DRAUP platform is limited to organizations that have to pay an annual subscription fee.

  • Sector

    1. What verticals or sectors does DRAUP cover?

      The DRAUP platform provides insight into 20 industries or verticals. Key Verticals that DRAUP covers include Aerospace, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Chemicals & Materials, Construction & Heavy Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Software, Energy & Utilities, Enterprise Software, Food, Beverages & Consumer Goods, Hospital & Healthcare, Industrial, Media & Entertainment, Medical Devices, Metals & Mining, Retail, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, Transportation and Travel & Hospitality.

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