What verticals or sectors does Draup cover?

The Draup platform provides insight into 33 verticals.

Key Verticals that Draup covers include:

Aerospace | Automotive | Banking & Financial Services | Chemicals & Materials | Construction & Heavy Machinery | Consumer Electronics | Consumer Software | Energy & Utilities | Enterprise Software | Food, Beverages & Consumer Goods | Hospital & Healthcare | Industrial | Media & Entertainment | Medical Devices | Metals & Mining | Retail | Semiconductor | Telecommunications | Transportation | and Travel & Hospitality.

Can I subscribe to Draup individually?

Currently, access to the platform is limited to organizations that pay an annual subscription.

How often is the Draup database updated?

The analysis that Draup does is an ongoing process, which is updated to the database in real-time to reflect the latest trends and data points.

What is the subscription fee for Draup?

Our subscription varies based on the modules and the number of user licenses. Please send us your requirements over email at info@draup.com for more information.

How will my sales team benefit from this product?

Draup for Sales offers comprehensive, data-driven solutions for today’s sales teams & account managers. Whether you’re trying to scope out new leads, explore emerging new verticals, or trying to grow your account portfolio, Draup has a readily-available solution built with your use case in mind.

With Draup, you can:

Gather key account intelligence that will enable you to:

  • Understand the Global Footprint of Targeted Accounts
  • Gain Deep Insights into Outsourcing Initiatives
  • Explore Enterprise Technology across 1,300+ Product Segments

Stay on top of the latest industry movements by:

  • Extracting Use Cases based on Business Intentions
  • Obtaining deep Insights into 70K+ Startups
  • Accessing Real-Time Signals across 18 major industry initiatives

Understand the buyer persona in exquisite detail to:

  • Leverage Key Prospect Information to Craft Customized Pitches
  • Figure out the right stakeholder to approach with relevant deals
  • Learn Behavioral Attributes of Key Decision-Makers

Set your organization on the right path with Draup’s Sales Intelligence platform. For more information, reach out to us at info@draup.com