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Industry intelligence

What is Industry Intelligence and Why B2B Enterprises Need it

The global business landscape is in a constant state of motion with each industry putting its best to lead the future.  

Moving at the same pace as global industries is imperative for modern enterprises to stay competitive in the market. 

Being aware of emerging market trends and developments will help organizations lead with their products/services and utilize these trends to their benefit. 

But how can organizations predict these trends or even extract insights on them? 

The answer is Industry Intelligence. 

What to Expect 


What is Industry Intelligence? 

Industry Intelligence is the extraction and analysis of insightful data spanning across technologies, deals, business intentions and regional/global trends.  

Industry Intelligence is the perfect resemblance of “AI in Decision-making” because it provides qualitative and quantitative data that is accurate and concise to make quick but impactful decisions. A recent report indicated that  high-performing sales teams are 4.9x more likely to use AI than other sales teams. 

Let us explore how AI-backed Industry intelligence can help enterprises track global industrial movements and utilize emerging opportunities on time for maximum impact. 

Explore the Global Business Landscape 

Industry Intelligence empowers you with 360-degree Eagle’s Eye view of the entire global business ecosystem. It also lets you filter through regions and localities to identify and assess your target market. 

This helps sales enablement teams understand the ground reality of businesses at various locations as they try to explore new markets or innovate in existing ones. 

Case Study: 

XYZ Ltd., a B2B service provider looking to acquire new customers in the San Francisco Area. However, the data they currently have is obsolete and cannot be used in a pitch. To gather relevant and timely data, the company has to explore a lot of factors, including: 

  1. Complete market overview 
  2. Top employers 
  3. Top Startups 
  4. San Francisco’s talent ecosystem  
  5. Latest Mergers & Acquisitions/Funding 
  6. Top outsourcers & outsourced workloads 
  7. Top tools & technologies in use 
  8. Top service providers active in San Francisco Area 

This data will help sales execs in crafting hyper-targeted and personalised pitches that bag high-worth deals for the company.  

Evolve with the Market 

Enterprises that ride a trend in its “declining” stage fail to win because the competition already turns strong enough to pose a significant risk to their business. 

The way to avoid this involves keeping track of the entire industry and pick the right trends to ride  with into the next phase.  

Considering there are over 33 industries and multiple categories of data-backed signals, it’s impossible to manually keep track of everything. 

However, with sales enablement platforms like Draup, enterprises can stay updated with relevant insights spanning across 33 industries covering 16 distinct categories. 

These signals are categorically divided into Strategic and Tactical and are classified under: 

  • Center setup & expansion 
  • Deals 
  • Executive movement 
  • Fundraising 
  • Market activity 
  • Product launch 
  • Partnerships 
  • Mergers & acquisitions & more 

Subscribers to the Draup Platform also receive a fortnightly newsletter with curated signals and latest research on emerging use cases, digital themes and business intentions from our Braindesk Intelligence Team. 

Identify Emerging Use Cases Before Competition 

As global businesses fight tooth and nail to bring the next “big” revolution, keeping track of emerging use cases in each vertical turns a necessity. 

These use cases indicate a “potential benefit” to organizations that they can take advantage of if they’re aware of them before them turning mainstream. 

The relevance of identifying emerging use cases first is to have an edge in the competition. This enables an enterprise to take a leap forward in innovation and reach out to potential customers much earlier than the competition can. 

Case Study: 

XYZ Ltd. wants to innovate in certain areas but they’re unsure of what’s going to be the next big trend or next significant use case. What can the company do in this case? 

The company can deploy a sales enablement platform, let’s assume its Draup for sales, to explore emerging use cases as well as competitors currently engaged with them. 

XYZ Ltd. can then explore emerging use cases by filtering through numerous categories that target specific aspects of each use case and suggest relevant products/solutions to try. 

How Sales Enablement Platforms like Draup for Sales excel at Industry Intelligence? 

Draup for Sales is an AI-driven sales enablement platform that empowers sales teams with comprehensive account & stakeholder intelligence. 

Along with this, it uncovers deeply-rooted industry insights that enable sales teams to figure out a plan of attack faster than their competitors. 

From account management to sales pursuit and data-backed insight generation, sales enablement platforms like Draup for Sales maximize B2B potential. 

Spanning 33 industries that engulf 280k+ companies and 2Mn+ executives, Draup generates insights that are unmatched in the industry.