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Industry Intelligence

How Industry Intelligence Can Empower Your Sales Enablement Efforts

In today’s dynamic market, sales managers & teams routinely encounter challenges that disrupt their workflows and stymie their ongoing pursuit of deals.

Industries and markets are in a constant state of flux. New technology might emerge from R&D at any point and jump into widespread adoption before you even realize what’s happening. If your ears aren’t firmly on the ground, it’s easy to miss the next big trend.

And as any sales executive would say, identifying emerging trends is the cornerstone of winning new deals. If your organization is constantly on the backfoot when it comes to identifying emerging trends, your teams might find it beneficial to leverage the power of AI.

In a way, the signs & data pointing to changing trends are always there. However, it’s nigh impossible to extract such insights from terabytes of data manually. This is where AI in sales enablement comes into the picture.

Today, companies are leveraging AI-powered insights to micro-target and extract new opportunities across various industry verticals. Also knows as Sales Intelligence, it helps them to understand the ecosystem by analyzing top startup landscape, emerging use cases, regional trends, and executives across industries.

In this article, we will explore how Industry Intelligence is helping sales teams win new deals

Explore use cases and assess potential ROI across Industries

It is extremely resource-intensive for a person or even for a team to keep track of trending use cases across industries. At any given time, there are various use cases in a single industry, all with the potential for high-value deals.

Take, for example, the Biotech industry.

Here alone, a few of the trending use cases are:

Another example is of the automotive industry, where some emerging use cases are:

  • Autonomous cars
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Collision avoidance
  • Driver monitoring system
  • 3-D printing of parts and so on

These use cases then further need to be classified based on their business intention, digitization theme & technology areas.

For example, in the case of Vehicle Fleet Management, which is a hot topic in automotive, the business intention is Mobility, the digitization theme is Ecosystem Enablement & the technology areas are IoT & AI.

Clearly, keeping track of such exhaustive tags to simply be aware of what’s happening in your target industry can be time & resource-intensive.

However, with AI-powered sales enablement, all of this information can be delivered through a dashboard that is updated daily.

Understand the Ecosystem in a Location or a vertical

The next area where industry intelligence can help sales enablement teams is with understanding the ground reality at a location or with respect to a location.

A team looking to win deals in San Francisco might want to understand:

  • The Market Landscape by accounts concentration & by funding amount
  • The top employers in this area
  • The top startups
  • Top companies hiring for talent
  • The talent landscape
  • Academia
  • Recent acquisitions, funding & more

Having access to this information will empower your decision-making before expanding into new territories.

The same Ecosystem analysis can be done across industries too.

With modern sales intelligence tools such as Draup, you can view the distribution map for major accounts, funding, R&D workforce, IT workforce, Service providers headcount & more through an intuitive dashboard.

The platform also informs sales teams & account executives with updated data on:

  • Top outsourcers & their outsourced workloads
  • Top tools & technologies
  • Top service providers
  • Recent acquisitions & funding & more

Keep track of evolving Signals

AI sales enablement platform Draup also features a Signals app that is continuously updated with relevant signals on 16 categories across 33 industries.

These signals are tagged as Strategic or Tactical and are classified under:

  • Center setup & expansion
  • Deals
  • Executive movement
  • Fundraising
  • Market activity
  • Product launch
  • Partnerships
  • Mergers & acquisitions & more

Further, subscribers to the Draup platform are also sent a fortnightly email with curated signals and updated research material on emerging technology use cases, digital themes & business intentions from our Braindesk team.

When seen against the backdrop of the rapidly evolving sales landscape, it becomes imperative for sales stakeholders to work around challenges and get their sales enablement efforts back on track.

Draup is an AI-driven sales intelligence platform that empowers sales teams with comprehensive account and stakeholder intelligence to empower their sales enablement practices. 

Be it account management, sales pursuit or account intelligence teams, Draup enables all divisions of the sales organization by providing finer details about prospects.