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Fast Track your Technology Sales Motion with AI-Powered Sales Intelligence Platforms

Real-time, in-depth account, industry and buyer level insights enable sales and marketing teams to unearth low hanging opportunities in their target accounts, identify the decision making panels and hyper-personalize their campaign focused messaging  – significantly increasing the response rate in turn.    

For example – a technology business with three different products identifies (leveraging AI-powered account-level insights) that an enterprise target account is expanding its cloud infrastructure. With such insights, sales/ABM teams can prioritize this account in their target list, identify the right set of decision-makers and influencers driving the digital initiative (cloud infrastructure), factor in the outsourcing trends, technology budgets, existing tech stack and create an efficient account specific sales strategy.  

This level of precision in crafting account and buyer level messages resonate deeply with potential customers and significantly fast-tracks the pace of engagement. Taking care of all target account-specific research workflows, AI-powered Sales Intelligence platforms enable technology businesses focus on building credibility/relationships with their high-potential leads.  

Transform Data into Strategic Decisions with AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platforms  

Data powers informed decisions and drives growth. 

For this to be true – data needs to be accurate, comprehensive enough and updated. Also, such data should be easily available. 

For e.g. – An enterprise cloud sales professional is aware of a high-potential target account in the market that is looking for new cloud solution. But all he has is the decision makers’ contact information . This surface level information is extremely unlikely to facilitate any meaningful conversation, that aligns with the business priorities/pain points/aspirations of the prospect.  

However, with in-depth account level insights like high priority digital initiatives, implementation timeline, tech/IT spend, outsourcing history, primary stakeholders, etc, enterprise sales teams can efficiently prioritize the target accounts and optimize their marketing resource allocation. Additionally, they can tailor make their pitches – in alignment with prospects’ needs, pain points and challenges.  

As a result, with AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platforms, organizations can achieve higher conversion rates, improved customer retention, and accelerated revenue growth, solidifying their competitive edge in the market. Let’s dive into how prioritizing in-depth real-time analytics generated from AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platforms can transform enterprise campaign execution strategies. 


 Sales Intelligence Platforms

Account Intelligence 

With 360-degree visibility into the targeted accounts, sales professionals can get a detailed report on firmographic data, account level initiatives, expansion plans, decision-makers, outsourcing trends, current tech stack, current vendors, and more – enabling that sales teams to engage with prospects who are not only a good fit but also have a higher probability of conversion. 

Buyer Intelligence 

Gaining a deep understanding of key stakeholders/decision-makers, their roles, responsibilities, and pain points within the target accounts help organizations save significant time and effort. AI-powered Sales Intelligence platforms provide a clear understanding of target prospect’s deliverables, exact workloads, priorities, interests, and possible pain points. These insights enable them to personalize their messaging and build a game plan that caters to their specific needs and requirements. 

Industry Intelligence 

Industry intelligence involves staying updated with real-time opportunity signals on broader market trends, regulatory changes, and competitive landscapes affecting your target industries. By enriching data with insights on emerging technologies, consumer behavior trends, etc, businesses can position themselves as knowledgeable industry leaders. This knowledge allows for more informed discussions with prospects, demonstrating expertise and offering tailored solutions that address industry-specific challenges.  

Meaningful Engagements over Clicks: Maximize Your ABM Success 

Focusing on global reach and affordability can bless you with a swamp of visitors for your website.  

But will this keep your business running? 

Attracting leads is a crucial first step, but the ultimate success lies in converting those leads into valuable deals and, ultimately, loyal customers.  

While traditional marketing metrics like website traffic and surface level engagement are still relevant, modern sales and ABM metrics focus more on account-level engagement and progression through the sales funnel.  Unlike spray and pray marketing campaigns, AI-powered Sales Intelligence platforms allow sales professionals to focus on analytics-backed, contextual outreach to key decision-makers. 

AI-powered Sales Intelligence platforms provide enough account-level data that helps sales and marketing teams move beyond transactional conversions and focus on long-term nurturing and relationship building – through the lead lifecycle.   


AI-powered Sales Intelligence platforms provide enriched account, buyer, and industry intelligence which can be leveraged by sales professionals to engage more deeply with potential customers, address their specific pain points, and build lasting relationships.   

However, while embarking on the journey of AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platforms, carefully assessing the feasible approaches, resources, expertise, budget, and timelines is critical. One faces the choice between building a custom solution or investing in an existing platform used globally by enterprises. Building a platform allows for tailoring features specific to business needs, but requires significant time, resources, and expertise. While investing in an established platform offers immediate access to real-time, in-depth data insights and reports, giving sales professionals an extra edge to achieve unparalleled levels of personalization and precision in their outreach efforts. 

Integrating AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platforms help sales professionals to fine-tune their strategies by hypersensitizing their outreach to increase response rates and enhance overall campaign effectiveness.    


Companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Capegemini, Intel, PWC, Genpact, Infosys and many more leverageDraup’s AI powered Sales Intelligence platformto accelerate strategic sales motion and ABM campaigns.   


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