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Global Talent Management

Global Talent Management: The Future of HR

The past year saw the expedited evolution of recruiting landscapes from in-person processes to virtual hiring, onboarding, and orientation. While these changes were bought in by sheer necessity, organizations were soon to realize the advantages of virtual recruitment and talent management processes in terms of costcutting, enhanced employee experience, greater flexibility, and improved DEI outcomes than ever before. As a result, experts voice their predictions on how 2021 is going to look for talent management teams in view of the fresh air that has blown.  

2020 has been a mirror to all the transformation that the professional world has seen in the recent past. The evolution of talent characteristics, landscapes, and talent management from a business perspective to a human resource model marks the two ends of the eternal path that the corporate world is striding on each day.   

The concept of work has moved beyond being a place we go’ to become ‘the things we do,’ more evidently during the current, stay-at-home era. While talent management had never been an easy feat, recruiting, engaging, and retaining talents and ensuring that they are at their best has been the biggest challenge faced by small and large corporations alike during the present crisis.  

Understanding the changing talent landscapes, keeping track of the talent management trends, and being on board with the recruiting predictions has become imperative. These insights provide an HR team with both data and the right opportunities to boost their KPIs. Here is a cluster of such blooming trends and predictions that analysts predict will change the HR landscape for the foreseeable future. 

  • HR teams that broadened their focus from employee experience to candidate experience are most likely to retain the approach in order to attract and engage candidates who would be on the lookout for a fresh start postpandemic.  
  • Start-ups and smaller corporations are likely to look at a relatively permanent or longstanding remote working model for their employees to ensure better productivity while their paying capacities also see an upsurge.  
  • Organizations are expected to strive harder and expend more resources to ensure diversity and inclusion being practiced, having experienced the multifunctionality advantages and expanded geographical presence furnished by diverse teams.  
  • Multigenerational workforces are likely to paint a bright picture on talent landscapes across the globe, making ‘returnship’ for retired employees an option in order to retain and leverage an experienced workforce.  
  • A more holistic and empathetic employee experience is predicted to be the model of the future, making family coverages, mental health and wellness packages, support groups, and group expression forums an integral part of growing organizations. 

While these trends and predictions are dynamic and everchanging, Draup’s Talent Intelligence Platform acts as a one-s billboard with all these insights readily available for you in realtime and lets you set alerts, compare tabs and plan your best strategies. Exceptionally accurate data sets, expertly analyzed data points, tailormade reports and insights made available on the Draup platform makes talent management a seamless experience even during the toughest times.