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Learning Experience Platform

Learning Experience Platform (LXP): How Will it Accelerate Sales Enablement Training?

Companies know the importance of constantly training their sales teams in a rapidly changing business world in an era of technological advancements. There is a focus on the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) which creates personalized learning experiences.

LXP combines formal and informal learning models. It can integrate and connect with existing tools and systems used by organizations. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to detect learning needs and deficiencies and then define learning strategies to bridge these gaps.

How is LXP Impacting Sales in Organizations?

Most companies do not opt for LXP due to budget constraints. Equipping employees to a higher level of productivity consumes time and money, even to update content. But is it worth the investment?

We found that training increases employee productivity by 30% for every dollar spent. American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that compared to those who did not implement training, companies training the sales staff gained a 218% higher income.

Features of LXP that Enables Sales Enablement

Sales enablement training plays a vital role in honing skills and excelling at their functions. Let us explore five key features of LXP that delivers sales education effectively:

A clean user interface

With an exemplary user interface and experience, users can easily find relevant material, improving learning experiences. Content hosted in LXPs can range from complex scenario-based training requiring user interaction to simple documents and audio files. Its microlearning content delivers bite-sized content chunks with specific objectives.

Easy-to-use navigation is vital as it can retrieve key content. It can assist learners in finding the content at timely intervals and ensures spacing between training programs. Notifications and reminders will propel executives to build skills and knowledge.

Personalized learning paths

A lot of content in traditional LMS sits unused due to poor content discoverability and irrelevant content recommendations. AI-based personalized learning paths remedies this. The data-driven LXPs leverage preferences, assessment scores, dwell-time, and choices to build relevant recommendations for your sales staff.

Learning managers can categorize the content based on sub-topics with tags that make it easy to find the right material at the right time quickly.

Remote accessibility

Access to technical training is integral to the effective sales enablement strategy, especially of technical sales teams. With technology redefining work and communication in the recent pandemic, companies can create cloud-based LXP so that uninterrupted access to knowledge can be possible. In case of an internet outage, it allows for secure content downloads for later offline viewing.


Engagement is a significant challenge for LXPs. So, companies can gamify elements to offset challenges and lend themselves to sales enablement training well. Gamification taps into three defining characteristics of sales personnel:

  • It helps them compete and outperform.
  • It will show good salesmanship requiring problem-solving and shows scenarios into how a product or service can alleviate a prospect’s challenge.
  • It helps reduce demotivation, supporting team members to stay on top of sales targets.

LXP with features like leaderboards, badges, and levels keep learners motivated.

Real-time content management dashboard

The ability to index, curate and update training content simplifies training management. It reduces time spent in updating material and provides content success, usage, and assessment results for learning managers.

It gives a comprehensive view of what types of content yield better results, allowing managers to ascertain the effectiveness of content through interaction. The insights will help you know where to invest and improve your sales enablement strategy.

Accelerating Sales Performance with LXP

If you want your sales team to be agile, your learning managers must curate the best content and keep your sales team in control of their learning. Here is how you can accelerate your sale team’s learning and their performance.

Access during the flow of work

Sales teams are often in contact using various communication methods. Despite an unrelenting focus on closing sales, they may not get access to content during the flow of work, like when they are in networking events or during one-on-one meetings.

How can you update your team and help them in their professional development?

Train them to access content during the flow of work. Let them access learning on the go. Bite-sized and mobile-friendly learning modules are perfect for busy learners for sales professionals in their downtime, or 3-5 minutes between calls.

Give learners a choice of learning modules

As per human psychology, humans desire control. However, traditional sales metrics remain out of the seller’s control as, most of the time, their performance does not convert. The lack of access to content makes it stressful.

While traditional materials provide a narrow path that is disempowering to learners, with an LXP, learners can choose video, text, or audio, letting them choose what and how they want to learn.

Make them comfortable accessing virtual classrooms

When remote work is in full swing, it does not make sense to fly instructors around the world or fly learners to the classroom in another part of the world. Integrating LXP with learning software is derives more value from virtual instructor-led training and improves the overall user experience.

Online platforms like Zoom can make learners comfortable. Besides, the analytics can help learners, instructors, and learning managers track progress, ensuring accountability. The best part is that employees need not manage multiple accounts but access interactive learning and communication tools through the LXP, giving your team the best experience.

Inculcate learning habit

Are you, as a training manager finding it difficult to get learners to take training sessions? LXP can send reminders and notifications to learners to consume bite-sized bits of training periodically.

The data analytics and the A.I. suggest relevant training and send a push notification to take suggested modules. At the backend, training managers can track data and propose must-dos.

Turn training tool into a sales tool

According to HubSpot, 54% of prospects want to see a demo, but only 23% of salespeople demo on the first call causing a ‘needs’ disconnect. Not all sales professionals can keep all the product information in their heads. However, LXP with search navigation can feed them with relevant information.

For example, when a buyer asks for more information, sellers can find a video available through an LXP search instead of stalling or passing the buck. A customer testimonial or product install videos uploaded on the LXP can do wonders.

Now, your sales teams can quickly take advantage of the LXP to pivot the conversation to tailor to the prospect’s unique needs.

To conclude, LXPs can improve productivity, allowing sales teams to take giant strides in the right path. The pace of business gives lesser time for organizations to involve talent and enhance their skillsets sooner than they settle into their everyday tasks.

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