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Internet of Things: The Gold Mine of Talent

IOT December 17, 2018
Internet of Things: The Gold Mine of Talent


Several industries across multiple verticals, like, Industrial, Energy & Utility, Retail, and Media & Entertainment are adapting and investing in IoT capabilities. The investments are seemingly higher in the Industrial, Public Infrastructure, and Automotive sectors. There is a multitude of reasons why several enterprises aren’t at par with the apex firms of their industry, and one of the biggest reasons is the severe shortage of talent.

The unmet talent pool is estimated to be 40,000 globally, and the average time taken to close an IoT role is about 3 months. In high-demand industries like Automotive, there is a talent demand of about 5,600 and top employers like Volkswagen, Toyota, and Bosch are actively looking to hire for roles such as IoT System Engineer, and Senior Engineer – IoT. In the Semiconductor vertical, about 6,000 roles are yet to be filled, this includes IoT Applications Engineer, Senior C++ IoT Engineer, and Platform Applications, Engineer. The top employers looking for these profiles are Intel, ARM, and Silicon Labs.

The global IoT talent demand is well over a million professionals. To bridge the workforce gap, organizations are building IoT skills in-house using experience in hardware, networking, cybersecurity, and mobile engineering and counting on reskilling/upskilling initiatives. Enterprises can significantly upgrade core IoT talent from external learning sources in addition to reskilling through internal training initiatives. Evidence of this is Oracle’s IoT Cloud Certification Service and IBM Watson’s IoT Certification Academy.

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