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FutureFlix: Media & Entertainment Trends Set To Dominate 2024

Media and Entertainment November 20, 2023
FutureFlix: Media & Entertainment Trends Set To Dominate 2024


  • The media & entertainment industry is driven by wireless connectivity, mobile innovations, digitalization, 5G, cloud storage, and social media platforms.
  • Key trends in Printing and Publishing include cloud printing, 3D printing, audio and e-books, multi-device accessibility, and AI in content creation.
  • Key trends in Television and Video include 4K/8K technology, OTT delivery systems, advertising-driven OTT models, Smart TVs, and broadcasters moving to the cloud.
  • Key trends in Advertising include AI-powered algorithms, QR codes, display advertising, subscription-based apps, and the rise of social advertising.
  • Key trends in Gaming include cloud and streaming video games, AR/VR gaming, blockchain-based games, mobile games, and the rise of E-Sports.
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    The Global Media and Entertainment industry is undergoing a profound transformation fuelled by technological advancements such as wireless connectivity, mobile innovations, digitalization, 5G, cloud storage, consumer analytics, and social media platforms.  

    The ease of access to online content through smartphones due to improved connectivity services has increased the average consumer spending on entertainment services. 

    This metamorphosis has not only reshaped consumer habits but has also paved the way for substantial market growth.  

    As of 2023, the industry is valued at a staggering USD 2665.47 Billion, with projections anticipating a leap to USD 3550.21 Billion by 2028, exhibiting a robust 5.9% CAGR. 

    The North American media and entertainment industry, centered in locations like the Washington D.C. Metro Area, Dallas/Fort Worth Area, and Greater Chicago Area, is witnessing unprecedented growth.  

    In this analytical whitepaper, we will explore the booming categories of the M&E market as well as emerging trends and focus areas service providers should target. 

    Printing and Publishing Market 

    The Printing and Publishing sector, contributing revenue in the range of USD 300-400 Billion in 2023, is experiencing notable shifts. The growing impact of e-books and the emergence of digital magazines are driving market growth.  

    Key trends in this segment include: 

    • Cloud Printing: Major players like Linux and Lexmark are leveraging cloud-managed print services, revolutionizing traditional printing processes. 
    • 3D Printing: The adoption of 3D printing technology is soaring, offering diverse applications in construction, education, automotive eyewear, and aerospace. 
    • Audio and Ebooks: The sales of audio and e-books are on the rise, with significant players like Storytel entering the audiobook market through acquisitions. 
    • Multi-device Accessibility: The popularity of eReaders is prompting publishers to find innovative ways to deliver eBooks, ensuring accessibility without limitations. 
    • Artificial Intelligence: AI is making strides in content creation, aiding creators in finding inspiration, retrieving facts, and enhancing content outlines. 

    Television and Video Market 

    With a revenue of USD 700-800 Billion in 2023, the Television and Video market is experiencing dynamic shifts in viewer preferences and technological advancements.  

    Key trends in this segment include: 

    • The 4K/8K World: AI upscaling capabilities and a wealth of 4K content are shaping the television landscape, offering viewers true-to-life visual experiences. 
    • Expansion into OTT Delivery Systems: TV stations are broadening their news coverage through Over-The-Top (OTT) delivery systems, providing opportunities for local stations and meteorologists. 
    • Advertising-driven OTT Models: Ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) platforms are gaining popularity, offering advertisers contextual opportunities to reach target audiences. 
    • Connected/Smart TV: The growth of smart TVs, driven by internet penetration and technological advancements, is reshaping content consumption patterns. 
    • Broadcast Moving to the Cloud: Broadcasters are transitioning to cloud-based, Opex-driven environments, democratizing content distribution and maximizing content ROI. 

    Advertising Market 

    The advertising industry, valued between USD 600-700 Billion in 2023, is evolving rapidly, driven by technology and changing consumer behaviors.  

    Key trends in this segment include: 

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI-powered algorithms are revolutionizing ad personalization, targeting specific audiences, and enhancing campaign success measurement. 
    • QR Codes: QR codes are becoming interactive tools in advertising, allowing consumers to access additional information about products or promotions. 
    • Display Advertising: Efficient visual advertisements through banners deployed across various channels are evolving from a spray-and-pray approach to a more targeted strategy. 
    • Subscription-based Apps: The rise of subscription-based apps is altering the advertising landscape, enabling companies to target specific users with personalized and relevant content. 
    • Social Advertising Trends: The COVID-19 pandemic has increased social media usage, making social media ads more prominent. Social commerce, selling products through social media networks, is gaining traction. 

    Gaming Market 

    The gaming industry, with an overall revenue of USD 300-400 Billion in 2023, is thriving on technological advancements and the launch of new gaming devices. Key trends include: 

    • Cloud and Streaming Video Games: Cloud gaming, or gaming as a service (GaaS), is eliminating the need for high-end hardware, enabling remote access to gaming content. 
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality Gaming: Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are enhancing the gaming experience, creating artificial environments and immersive visuals. 
    • Blockchain-based Games: Blockchain technology is transforming gaming by providing a new system that addresses traditional issues, creating positive interactions between cryptocurrency and video games. 
    • Mobile Games: Growing smartphone penetration and the deployment of 5G are boosting the mobile gaming industry. 
    • E-Sports: The rise of e-sports is driven by the integration of competitive video games into popular culture, attracting global investors, brands, media outlets, and consumers. 

    Key Focus Areas 

    While each segment of the Media and Entertainment industry is booming, there are specific opportunities in each segment that can be a perfect fit for service providers. 

    Key focus areas for service providers include: 

    • Printing & Publishing: E-Books, Print-on-Demand, Digital News Delivery, Interactive Printing 
    • Television & Video: OTT services, User-generated Content, Social media integration, AI-powered content curation and creation.
    • Advertising: Online advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Personalised Advertising, Programmatic Marketing.
    • Gaming: AR/VR in Gaming, Blockchain-based gaming, Mobile gaming, Esports 

    The Bottomline 

    As the world becomes more interconnected and technologically advanced, the industry’s evolution continues, promising a future where content delivery, user experience, and business models will be shaped by the ongoing wave of transformative technologies.  

    Service providers and industry stakeholders must stay agile, continually adapting to these changes to unlock the full potential of this vibrant and ever-expanding ecosystem. 

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