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Account Intelligence

How Sales Teams Can Leverage Account Intelligence To Win High-Value Deals

Account intelligence can be broadly defined as extracting actionable insights by analyzing customer information. Going deeper, some account intelligence platforms help customer success teams trawl through data about customer purchases, helpdesk interactions, business inquiries & other data to build a holistic picture of their client.

This ‘picture’ is scarily accurate at capturing the client’s business intentions, predicting their future moves, and even identify any potential pain points that may arise.

The Power Of Account Intelligence For Sales

However, in today’s customer satisfaction-based economy, account intelligence is finding great favor among sales and pre-sales teams.

The greatest benefit that account intelligence provides sales teams with is that they can arm themselves with a complete profile about the prospects’ requirements and concerns.

Before the days of AI-powered account intelligence platforms like Draup, sales teams had to comb through mounds of data manually, and even then, there was no guarantee about data integrity.

Here’s how Draup’s AI-powered account intelligence platform can help each step of your sales pipeline:

Hyper-target Prospects: Build hyper-targeted prospect lists with the ability to segment accounts & stakeholders by comprehensive and real-time metrics. Prioritize top targets using Draup’s opportunity scoring. Prospects can be filtered across Financials, Globalization, Outsourcing, & Disruption.

Explore Digital Opportunities: With Draup’s Digital Intentions feature, track prospect’s key digital initiatives, ROI maps for initiatives and tools & technologies adoption. Understand the technologies that they will require to execute business goals and tailor your solutions to meet those requirements. With AI-powered suggestions, sales teams can also identify potentially better technologies for their client’s pain points.

Peer Intelligence: Benchmark yourself with your competition with a comprehensive view of their capabilities, customers & characteristics of offerings to their customers. With data on over 30,000 companies in over 30 industry verticals, Draup’s peer intelligence capabilities provide you with an in-depth overview of where you stand with respect to your competitor.

Deals Intelligence: Understand your prospect’s outsourcing footprint with complete insight into deals and their characteristics. Figure out areas where they actively seek outsourcing partners, understand why they are seeking it, and offer highly-relevant outsourcing solutions customized to technologies, ecosystems, and locations.

Applied Research: Leverage Braindesk for analyst POVs on trending topics, detailed account profiles and develop unique positioning for your services and products. Our analysts are trained to keep an out on emerging disruptive trends across global industries. They curate, collate and analyze data to prepare our industry-leading account intelligence reports in our Braindesk section. Here are some example reports prepared to analyze the Staff Augmentation Market and Data & Analytics in the Insurance sector.

Account Intelligence Gives You An Edge

For years, sales executives have been relying on the grunt work done by interns and other analysts to build an account intelligence report for a client. However, thanks to the emergence of AI-powered platforms that leverage ML models, these reports are easier to build than ever before.

Not just easier, they are more accurate too.

Draup’s account intelligence feature leverages 4000+ data sources and relies on over 50 custom machine learning models to develop 1000 reports for our Fortune 500 clients.