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Transforming Talent Lifecycle
With Generative AI

  • Practical uses of GenAI in HR
  • Align HR strategies with Business Goals
  • Framework for seamless GenAI-HR Fusion
  • Generative AI in Talent Intelligence and Acquisition: A Blueprint by Draup

    A Keynote by

    Vijay Swaminathan,CEO, Draup

    Tap into the power of Generative AI in Talent Acquisition & Talent Management

    In this session, Draup CEO Vijay Swaminathan delves into HR’s transformative use cases powered by AI. Vijay will deliver practical insights for developing generative AI capabilities within your organization.

    He’ll also share blueprints for seamless AI integration in HR processes.

    Join Vijay at the Gartner ReImagine HR Conference  to

    • Explore how GenAI empowers HR to focus on strategic initiatives and boost productivity.
    • See how GenAI transforms staffing by precisely predicting and matching candidate success to roles, securing top talent.
    • Understand how GenAI develops customized learning plans, promoting employee growth and aligning it with organizational goals.

    Session Details: 

    Session Code: TH36
    Date: Tuesday, October 24th, 2023
    Time: 15:35
    Duration: 20 minutes
    Venue: Theater 3 Exhibit Showcase-11419

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      What is Draup for Talent?

      Draup's AI-powered Talent Intelligence platform helps global enterprises with strategic workforce planning, talent acquisition and employee development at scale - driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

      Increase in Available Talent Pool

      Reduction in Talent Acquisition costs

      Increase in Talent Retention

      What Makes Draup for Talent Different?

      360-degree Talent Ecosystem Insights

      • Talent Intelligence Across Industries, Companies, Locations, and Universities
      • Assess a candidate’s talent attributes with insights across 40+ parameters
      • Attract and Retain diverse talent with Deep Insights into Costs, Skills and Locations
      • Leverage talent market data on 150M+ job descriptions and 100+ Labor Statistics Databases across 2,000+ locations
      • Talent Intelligence on 500k+ peer group companies across 33 industries
      • Know where you stand against your competitors
      • Empower your HR team and talent stakeholders to drive intelligent data-backed workforce planning and recruitment strategies
      • Pinpoint emerging talent hotspots for your target digital tech stack across the globe

      Acquire & Manage your Future-Ready Workforce