Reskilling workforce is critical in Artificial intelligence era

AI-led technology revolution and rapid development is impacting every industry as AI/ML has large scale adoption across value chain and business functions. Due to this pervasiveness of AI/ML technologies, the supply-demand gap of AI/ML skills is expected to double in the next 2 years reaching ~800K job openings globally. The aggressive hiring tactics rolled out by firms to recruit AI/ML talent would suggest the supply of AI talent is nowhere near matching up to the demand.

To address this problem, organizations started elevating adjacent talent like software developers, statisticians and programmers to acquire critical AI/ML skills through micro and macro learning modules. Organisations are partnering with universities and EdTech companies like Udemy and Coursera to offer classroom and online programmes for inhouse IT workforce to acquire Python, NLP and Deep learning skills. Reskilling the existing workforce helps organizations build a robust internal talent pipeline and improves employee retention and morale that will positively impact the bottom line.

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