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The Future of HR through Digital Transformation and Generative AI Lenses

16 May 2023
Chicago Convene - Willis Tower

Join Vamsee Tirukkala, CCO & Co-Founder of Draup, at the CHRO/CLO Chicago Summit for a session on  

The Future of HR through Digital Transformation and Generative AI Lenses 

The rapid strides in technology are reshaping the way we approach HR, driving digital transformation and bringing to the fore powerful tools like generative AI. 

This talk will guide you through the exciting possibilities these advancements are ushering in, setting the stage for a more efficient, effective, and employee-centric future in HR.  

Join us to discover how automation, AI-driven insights, and personalized training are revolutionizing HR as we know it. 

In this 30-minute session, Vamsee will talk about: 

  • Efficiency Through Automation: A New Approach to HR 

Automation allows HR professionals to focus on strategic and creative roles, improving overall efficiency. The ultimate beneficiary is the employee, enjoying better experiences and contributing to improved retention rates. 

  • Unleashing Generative AI in HR 

Generative AI is poised to redefine HR practices fundamentally. It is capable of generating detailed job descriptions and identifying skills gaps, helping organizations to attract and retain top talent. 

  • Personalized Employee Development with AI 

Generative AI can also be used in crafting personalized training and development programs. AI algorithms, utilizing employee data, can discern skills gaps and propose customized training solutions.  

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