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Accelerate your talent acquisition workflows with advanced Generative AI

  • Gen AI in talent acquisition workflows
  • Empowering Pfizer’s HR teams with Gen AI
  • How AI fits into workforce planning strategies
  • Ethical considerations when integrating Gen AI
  • Specific use cases augmented by Gen AI
  • AI for HR & enabling functions

Vijay Swaminathan

CEO, Draup

Meghan Rowles

Sr. Manager, PX Data Science, Pfizer

Tanu Dixit

Director, PX Data Science, Pfizer

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    Transforming HR Teams with Generative AI-Powered Workflows

    In this inaugural Draup Dialogues webinar, we sit with HR innovators from Pfizer to discover how Gen AI is transforming the talent acquisition workflow and enabling HR functions to drive key business initiatives with talent data.