How Draup Reduced Hiring Costs and Time Per Hire for a Customer Using Talent Intelligence


about client

The client is leading Fortune-100 SaaS company dedicated to providing innovative software solutions to businesses around the world and has a strong track record of growth and expansion into new markets.

However, high hiring costs and long time-to-hire for in-demand roles were hindering their ability to scale their workforce quickly and efficiently.


~US $50 Billion

Workforce Size



185 Global Offices

  • Optimize hiring costs and reduce time-to-hire for in-demand roles.
  • Gain insights into the skill depth of their existing employees.
  • Build a comprehensive pool of qualified candidates capable of filling any vacant role.
  • Gain insights into their competitors' talent strategies to remain competitive in their industry.

A skill benchmarking model was developed with four levels based on 15 key attributes. The model was validated for over 120k profiles and produced a list of potential hires for the client.

  • Skill benchmarking model developed with four levels: Beginner, Apprentice, Competent, and Expert
  • The model was curated by analyzing 15+ key attributes, including certifications, patents, publications, education level, core skills attained, type of organization, and relevant experience.
  • We then categorized the SaaS company's existing employees into one of four skill buckets based on the 15 attributes.
  • The model was validated for over 120k profiles, and Draup used it to analyze competitors.
  • Based on this analysis, Draup produced a list of professionals that the SaaS company could hire without spending much time via traditional recruitment processes
  • By leveraging these insights, the SaaS company was able to streamline their hiring process and reduce their time-to-hire for in-demand roles.

With our recommendations, the SaaS company was able to effectively benchmark the skill depth of professionals working for them as well as their competitor companies. These insights directly led to:

  • A 34% reduction (from 54 days to 35 days) in the time per hire
  • A 27% reduction in the cost per hire
why draup?

While several Talent Intelligence solutions exist in the market, none were able to match Draup's quality and breadth of data when it comes to Skills Benchmarking. They chose Draup due to the:

  • Updated data on 850 Million + professionals
  • Over 40,000 skills analyzed across 33 industries
  • Near-real-time talent insights from over 100 ML models
  • Flexibility to contextualize data at granular levels
  • Data on over 1000 at-risk and emerging roles

Draup is the AI platform of choice Talent leaders in enterprises worldwide