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Reskilling lessons critical in cloud era
Reskilling lessons critical in cloud era
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


Reskilling lessons critical in cloud era

24 Sep 2019

As cloud services play a significant role in modern IT infrastructure, CIOs are having to reskill their traditional IT workforce to maintain competence in the highly competitive arena. World Economic Forum has listed cloud computing and development engineers as the most in-demand roles among other 5 digital roles like AI/ML, Big data, etc. Nearly every enterprise is looking for cloud-enablement – virtualization, performance monitoring, service management, provisioning, performance optimization or automation. Yet the biggest reason they struggle to fill the demand for cloud-related skills is the hiring competition among peers, and lack of enough experience.

demand cloud engineer skills and competencies

The rapid shift from on-premise and private cloud solutions to the public Cloud has resulted in the significant rise in demand for talents with Cloud experience, that can be summarized as hands-on knowledge with Cloud networking, compute, and software stacks.

    • Cloud Network engineer protects computing resources through designing encryption and security logs that work autonomously and allow the network to be agile and highly productive. Lot of Network Engineers are uplifting their career learning about Public Cloud (AWS, Azure & Google) & Private Cloud (Openstack & VMware)
    • Cloud providers embrace open architectures and publish APIs so that cloud engineers can create information flows between different cloud services, but that’s only useful if you have the skills to build the links to support those flows
    • Enterprises are looking for cloud developers that can envision an integrated architecture that effectively combines legacy systems and different cloud services and can understand how the systems collectively support individual business processes.

Such a rising new-age demand makes it critical for CIOs to identify and develop the right skills for their cloud needs, and they need to build a sustainable learning framework. Such a learning and development program need to address the critical reskilling needs across areas such as networking, development and integration, but also consider how IT roles are evolving as their business becomes increasingly digital. Major cloud providers and EdTech platforms offer training subscription and certification courses help enterprises reskill their IT teams with multiple cloud platform skills,

    • Oracle has designed a learning subscription program for enterprise IT teams that offer 24/7 access to complete sets of high-quality courses, hands-on labs using live cloud environments, and Oracle certification exam. The program is segmented across development, computing, networking and security to help enterprises meet end-to-end cloud skill needs.
    • Udemy business solution provides access to online training courses, which included most of the large Cloud platforms and helps the engineers to develop their skills and experience across multiple cloud platforms.

Learning Experience Platforms are taking center stage, with L&D leaders vouching for these platforms which deliver a hyper-personalized experience to each user. Going forward, IT leaders need to start articulating to their teams about the importance of reskilling and how reskilling towards cloud can enable IT workforce to expand their roles and develop their careers.

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