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Reskilling: A Crucial Tool For Hardware Business Transformation
Reskilling: A Crucial Tool For Hardware Business Transformation
Prerana Gupta

Technical Content Writer at Draup


Reskilling: A Crucial Tool For Hardware Business Transformation

12 Nov 2019

Hardware industries play a crucial role in enabling the digital transformation right from connected cars to smart factories. Hardware companies are racing to create product differentiation based on high demand applications towards artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing etc.

Companies are forced to remodel their traditional hardware-based business to software-based business model to stay competent in the digital race. It is highly imperative for companies to rebuild its traditional workforce with new-age digital skills to achieve product differentiation.

However, Hardware firms are faced with dual critical challenges as they head towards software-based business:

  • Hiring new-age software skilled talent: Digital talent hiring in the Hardware industry have grown by 20% forcing them to compete with other digital native companies for the highly competitive digital talent


  • Traditional hardware workforce becoming obsolete: Hardware design, FPGA engineer roles have reduced by 9%


Reskilling: A crucial tool for hardware business transformation


Reskilling is a key imperative for organisations to transform/evolve internal workforce to address new-age software skill demands. Organizations realize that inhouse hardware workforce can be reskilled with software skills through online/offline training programs to build sustainable career path.

A Firmware Engineer can be reskilled with the following micro/macro learning modules to attain software skills:


  • Software Design Engineer
    • Courses: Analyzing and Visualizing data with SQL Server + Principles of Software Design
      • Skills required: SQL, SSRS, Java, HTML, C#, Software design, Java, SQL Server, Active Directory, Python


  • Application Developer / Android Developer / UX Designer / .NET Developer
    • Courses: Programming Languages + Introduction to C# programming
      • Skills required: MATLAB, Simulink, Simulation, C++, C#, Design pattern, Software Architecture


While it may be tempting to hire any highly skilled software engineer who becomes available, hardware companies should highly focus on transforming their existing workforce. HR and Learning and development executives are coming up with strong reskilling frameworks that offers a healthy and sustainable skill-development.

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