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Reimagining Talent to build Next-Gen MedTech products
Reimagining Talent to build Next-Gen MedTech products
Prerana Gupta

Technical Content Writer at Draup


Reimagining Talent to build Next-Gen MedTech products

13 Jan 2020

The emergence of use cases such as remote monitoring, 3D printing, and data-driven preventive care is disrupting the medical devices industry. Companies are developing innovative medical products to stay ahead in this transformation race.


  • Medtronic ‘CareLink’ network allows remote monitoring of implanted cardiac devices to enable early clinical detections, thereby, reducing the number of emergency visits.
  • UK NHS utilizes ‘Bruin Biometrics’ to detect tissue damage three to ten days before skin damage/Pressure Ulcers (PU) formation minimizing ulcers up to 90%.


These fast-growing digital solutions are disrupting the traditional workforce as they lack the skills required to build next-generation medical devices.

Reskilling is becoming a critical strategy for preparing traditional medical devices’ talent with future skillsets, providing them with a viable career path. This will assist in addressing the growing need for digital skills in organizations.

HR Leaders are investing heavily in analyzing the skill-gap, tailoring skill-development frameworks with online and offline courses to knock down the digital transformation barriers for their existing workforce.

E.g. Traditional roles like Imaging Specialist, Specialist-Radiology, etc. can be enabled with new job skills to survive digitalization of the healthcare industry.

Medical Imaging Engineer


With the emergence of image processing as a biomedical tool, a legacy Medical Imaging Engineer can be reskilled to become a Biomedical Imaging Scientist and give a comprehensive set of image solutions.


  • Medical Imaging Engineer
    • Target role: Biomedical Imaging Scientist
      • Courses: Image Processing with Python Track
      • Skills acquired: Python, NumPy Machine Learning Algorithms, Java/J2EE, C++, Image Processing, Error Detection


HR Specialists need to devise reskilling frameworks on a priority basis to reskill their aging workforce with emerging tech skills and get them prepared for product differentiation. Companies are creating micro and macro training modules to empower their workforce with the latest technologies like AI/ML, etc. and eventually become a key enabler of medical devices in the healthcare ecosystem.


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