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Putting the Human in Human Resources
Putting the Human in Human Resources
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


Putting the Human in Human Resources

20 Feb 2019
Cost savings, increased capacity, higher accuracy, and reduced processing times. Robotic Process Automation is redefining the conventional way of doing HR. 

If Google-backed RPA unicorn, UiPath‘s, mammoth growth is anything to go by, we can expect RPA to capitalize on the ever-increasing need to automate and streamline business processes. The company, now valued at over $3bn has over 1,800 enterprise customers and steadily adding 6 new customers each day.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to automate specific business processes. It combines software bots with business rules to automate rule-based tasks which deliver a result or service without the need for human intervention.


1. Highly Rule-Based Processes are RPA-Fit

Draup’s use case prioritization framework defined the parameters that categorize various HR sub-processes as either high or low on the RPA relevancy scale. We evaluated four primary sub-parameters: Net FTE ReplacedRule-Based Nature of the sub-process, Degree of Processing Errors, and Demand Fluctuation. Processes that ranked high on these parameters have higher RPA relevance.

2. Operations and Compensation Have Higher Relevance

17 HR processes were identified with high RPA relevance levels with 10 of those having higher ease of adoption. Highly rule-based processes such as payroll and compensation, expense management, and leave management were found to have higher adoption. Most of these processes fall under the ‘HR Operations’ and ‘Compensation & Benefits’ umbrella.

3. Evaluating Enterprise Adoption

RPA has found several high propensity use cases in HR functions. RPA bots are good at extracting, augmenting and processing data as well as interacting with multiple enterprise software products. In the Talent Acquisition function, bots can automate several functions right from posting the job requirement on portals to onboarding selected candidates.
RPA relevance


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