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Where are the New-Age Product Managers?
Where are the New-Age Product Managers?
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


Where are the New-Age Product Managers?

15 Apr 2019

Tech expertise is proving to be the missing ingredient for success for SPMs

Digital disruption has necessitated the need for large enterprises and startups to launch customer-facing software products and solutions. Enterprises see the benefit in having their own customer-facing products as opposed to relying on external solutions. This trend has given rise to the new age product manager’s role.

Enterprises now demand more out of the traditional product manager to be able to handle the technical aspects of their products thereby making it one of the more sought after roles in tech. Companies are also constantly collecting data from their products to help them extract trends and find innovative ways to create value. Here is a look at how the product manager’s role has transcended.

1. Product Manager Role Evolution
 Product Manager Role Evolution
Traditional Product Manager roles revolved around the non-technical aspects of the product. However, machine learning & AI has transformed the software product manager’s skills, role & workloads to a level that requires PMs to have a degree in computer science. Product management teams are also highly decentralized with independent sales, marketing, and engineering teams available for a product. Acquiring skills such as SaaS, R, and Python, can help professionals make a successful transition to the new age software product manager’s role.
2. Skill Anatomy and Certifications
Skill Anatomy and Certifications
The software product manager’s responsibility is to define the product that the engineering teams are going to build. A number of certifications and skills such as Certified Scrum Product owner, and SaaS are vital towards enabling this transition.
3. Beijing, Tel Aviv, and Bangalore are Premier Locations
number of software product manager
The global software product manager talent pool is highly global and is estimated to be around 180,000. Traditional hubs such as Seattle, Washington D.C., Bay Area, and Bangalore, have a high density of talent for this role but are usually expensive. A location analysis shows that Beijing, Tel Aviv, and Bangalore are preferred locations to hire software product managers from a cost-benefit perspective.
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