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New Age Locations for New Age Digital Talent
New Age Locations for New Age Digital Talent
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


New Age Locations for New Age Digital Talent

12 Jun 2019

Enterprises are looking beyond digital hotspots like the Bay Area to leverage low-cost talent


As digitization continues to transform traditional businesses, industries now share a distinct and urgent digital talent need to hire a wide variety of digital skills and capabilities of which many are new and emerging. However, enterprises are now looking beyond traditional hotspots and are focussing on new and emerging locations to cash-in on the significant cost advantages available.
In the U.S., there are digital hotspots such as the SF Bay area, Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C and Greater New York. Of course, in these hotspots, employers are struggling to keep-up with leading tech-companies that have been hiring digital talent for a long time. To stay ahead in this hiring contest, companies have started to focus on emerging locations that have rich digital talent availability offering cost-effective and less competitive environment.
US Digital talent hotspots
  • Austin is evolving into a leading digital city and is now a top destination for tech startups and small companies owing to the lowest talent and business cost. Although it has the lowest digital talent pool size of ~27,000, the hiring environment for local technology professionals is expected to remain strong throughout the year.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth is emerging to be the most favorable locations for hiring digital talent with ~63,000 moderately priced tech talent. Low infrastructure and regulatory cost, low cost of living and presence of large number of fortune 500 companies are major USPs.
  • Compared to other West Coast locations, Los Angeles has the low business costs advantage with a total digital talent pool of ~56,500 and high supply of relevant graduates.

Many smart employers have started hunting for these job-roles outside their traditional hiring grounds. Apple and Google’s expansion to open a new center in Austin is signaling their intentions to exploit the tech talent pool in the emerging city. Organizations have started leveraging external supply and demand data to forecast the digital capability needs and attract and hire these professionals.

Several government-backed entrepreneurial initiatives and private startup accelerator programs in Austin have made it lucrative for startups to set up base leading to talent development and migration in the city. The Texas Digital Government Summit is one such initiative that focuses on innovation, leadership, emerging technologies, and cybersecurity.

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