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The Definitive Guide to Effective Block chain Teams
The Definitive Guide to Effective Block chain Teams
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


The Definitive Guide to Effective Block chain Teams

19 Mar 2019
How to organize and build teams for one of the most sought-after roles in tech


Blockchain engineer roles are the emerging property in the job market. Growth in numberof open blockchain positions in 2018 has manifested 33 times and has taken pole position as the fastest growing in-demand programmer skill. LinkedIn’s annual Emerging Jobsreport says blockchain developer is the top emerging job among all occupations. This is after not even making the list a couple of years ago.
Blockchain engineer roles
1. Why Blockchain’s Popularity is Soaring?
Blockchain is incredibly rigid and highly versatile allowing it to be used in a diverse number of use cases. Information transferred through blockchain is encrypted and every transaction is recorded. The robust nature of Blockchain has given rise to new ways of storing and securing the constantly increasing networks of data exchanges, which are only getting bigger in volume each year. The implementation of Blockchain technology and subsequent roles to manage them in finance majors such as Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Visa has also increased.
Blockchain's Popularity is Soaring
senior staff research scientist
quorum blockchain engineer
blockchain senior principal
Organizations in tech and financial services are on a blockchain engineering talent hiring spree
2. Creating Organized Blockchain Teams

Blockchain engineering roles can be categorized into three major categories – Core Blockchain Developers, dApp Developers / Smart Contract Engineers, andBlockchain Architects each with varying levels of expertise and proficiency in blockchain languages, web3 tools, cryptographic concepts, and CS fundamentals & programming. The teams can contain a mix of each of these roles depending on workloads, business priorities and use cases.

  • Core developers – Primarily responsible for developing the core architecture of a blockchain system.
  • Smart Contract Engineers – Build decentralized applications or Dapps using blockchain platforms.
  • Blockchain solutions architect – Responsible for defining customer-centric blockchain use cases.
Blockchain solutions architect
3. Skill Anatomy of a Blockchain Engineer
The skill anatomy of a blockchain engineer goes far beyond their technical capabilities. An integral part of their skillset anatomy lies in their expertise with blockchain architecture and cryptographic functions. Here is a unique combination of core skills, experiences, and behavioral skills to look for while hiring a blockchain engineer.
blockchain engineer
4. Identifying US Blockchain Talent Hotspots
Blockchain talent hotspots are emerging in several locations globally. Within the US, the hotspots include the Bay Area, Greater New York, Washington DC Metro area, and Chicago. Global hotspots include Kiev, London, and Paris.
US blockchain talent hotspots
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