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Analyzing AI Talent Characteristics
Analyzing AI Talent Characteristics
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


Analyzing AI Talent Characteristics

05 Feb 2019
Unearthing deeper talent characteristics, hiring trends, location hotspots and performing an in-depth supply-demand analysis

The constant need to use analytics and data to drive business functions has created a massive talent shortage in AI roles. With skills and technology constantly evolving, HR leaders must keep pace with the evolving talent landscape and periodically assess their people planning needs.

To further understand AI roles, we analyzed a JD corpus of around 28 million job descriptions which was narrowed down to around 1 million relevant jobs across service providers, G500 corporations, and startups. Further to this, several interviews and discussions were held to understand the correlation and the progression of various job titles.

The analysis shows the global demand for AI roles to be about 1.2 million jobs as of 2018. This is derived by triangulating open jobs across G500 top R&D spenders. Within this, there is an unmet demand of about 500,000 jobs and around 310,000 jobs are open in the US alone. However, on the supply side, an analysis of over 200,000 resumes show that current AI and Big Data talent pool is about 250,000.

An industry-wide analysis reveals that over 60 percent of the demand is distributed across enterprise software, consumer electronics and BFSI. Majority of the G500 organizations have a wide distribution of employed Big Data talent across geographies; Computer Vision and NLP talent is employed primarily by tech giants.

Installed Big Data and AI talent in the US, China, and Israel is primarily consolidated across US-based tech giants. Tier-1 locations have high talent density with nearly 44% of the total employed talent in these skills through tier-2 locations have high talent scalability due to socio-economic factors and an influx of government spending.

India: An Emerging AI Talent Hub

The country’s rich AI talent pool is highly consolidated in G500 corporations with over 80% of this talent located in Bengaluru. India’s AI talent pool is being fueled by a number of factors including the rapid evolution and maturity of Tier -2 cities. Research labs established by large heavyweights such as Amazon, IBM, GE, and Microsoft have also propelled AI and Big Data talent growth. Globally, job creation for AI & Big Data Analytics roles will reach 960K in 2021 with an average CAGR of 23%. India, however, is expected to grow at a faster rate (~25%) compared to the rest of the world.
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