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Solving Problems rather than Product Selling

Enterprise Sales Enablement Account Management January 20, 2018
Solving Problems rather than Product Selling

Enterprise Sales has undergone a gradual shift in the last decade. A high performing Salesperson or “Sales Ninja” differentiates themselves by putting the customer in the center of the deal and aiming to solve the customer’s problem. This is in sharp contrast to the average Salesperson who tends to be one-dimensional, and have a conversation that is mostly product-centric and not value-centric.

Customers have gone from requiring a lot of hand-holding during the sales process and beyond, to being aware of the challenges they are facing and the myriad solutions available in the market that they could explore. They proactively determine requirements, research solutions, rank the alternatives, and budget for the solution before they even reach out to the Salesperson. This, in turn, requires the Salesperson to employ a Consultative Selling approach if they want to engage with the customer.

DRAUP identifies the key influencing stakeholders in a prospect’s organization and provides intelligence on each of them such as their educational background, professional achievements, and their personality type – their competencies, needs, culture, and communication capabilities. Armed with this holistic knowledge at industry, prospect, and individual stakeholder level, a sales rep will be able to approach the prospect early on and consult with them on the problem, instead of merely selling a solution.

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