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Interpreting Enterprise Signals for Effective Selling

Enterprise Sales Enablement January 9, 2018
Interpreting Enterprise Signals for Effective Selling

Significant events around which organizations seem to pivot are usually a result of smaller Inter- connected set of events. These events could extend across functions- R&D, Executive Movements, Hiring patterns, Market Movements, Organization Structures, Investments, Sales Purchase, anything and everything. We call these small changes or trigger as “Signals”. If identified, analysed and well understood in the right environment, these signals could be the leading indicators of major changes in an organization, most of which are high potential sales opportunities.

To identify the right sell moment, it all comes down to turning raw insights about prospects into sales impacts and behaviour; spotting triggers that might lead to large sales opportunity. Sellers who act on these triggers are 40% more competitive on average. Even small changes in today’s ecosystem or in an organization can create a tidal wave of opportunity that goes unnoticed. “As per the Zinnov study on “Sensing Innovation signals”, it was found that among the technology solution providers that sell to Fortune1000 clients, companies which proactively track and have a plan to act on enterprise signals have significant higher win ratio among peers”

DRAUP’s Signals Processing aim at breaking the barriers and bridging the gap between data and actions by helping sales teams track significant real-time signals and identify potential opportunities arriving out of every signal. The signals are categorized, contextualized and quantified by using machine learning, human-curation, and basis years of selling expertise.

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