Insights leverage Draup's proprietary data, research, and analytics to identify emerging trends in technology and talent. You can get insights on a variety of themes such as disruptive technologies, emerging business trends, outsourcing patterns, global R&D landscape, emerging talent trends while also understanding various market shifts and indicators.

  • Israel – Next Big Automotive Innovation Hub

    The rise of Israel as a leading tech nation has popularised the nickname, ‘Silicon Wadi’. With a YoY growth rate of nearly 78% in the number of automotive startups, Israel’s…

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  • An Interesting Battle Is Underway

    An interesting battle is underway in the Auto industry to see who will redefine the future. Ridehailing companies won the first round by adopting software earlier than their rivals. However,…

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  • The Changing Automotive Industry

    Over 50% of total investment & acquisition activity by General Motors has taken place post 2015The changing Automotive industry has forced GM to move away from acquiring companies that help…

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  • Autonomous Vehicle Investment Outlook

    Software and semiconductor powerhouses are committed to investing heavily along with OEMs to develop strong ADAS platform capabilities. Tech giants such as Google, Baidu, Inc. and Microsoft are focused on…

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  • Smartphone Era

    In the early days of the "Dot-Com" era, companies like Microsoft and Apple spent their resources on acquiring software companies that had already been in business for a 3-4 years.Post-2005,…

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  • Solutions offered by EdTech Start-up

    New start-ups like Vedantu, Byju’s and SuperProfs are digital education enablers that are revolutionizing the conventional way of learning and methods of teaching. These startups, popularly known as EdTech start-ups…

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  • The role of the Product Manager

    The role of the ProductManager is taking on a new identity thanks to the growing importance of data in decision making, increased customer and design focus, and the evolution of…

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  • The demand for cybersecurity roles

    The demand for cybersecurity roles is soaring and approximately 1.5 million jobs are expected to be created in cybersecurity by 2021. The total available talentpool stands at 1.05 million and…

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  • Growth of Automotive Engineering Services Market

    The automotive engineering services market has grown by 15.09% over the last 3 years with ER&D spends growing as much as 20% since 2017. The addressable market for engineering services…

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