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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What verticals or sectors does DRAUP cover?

    The DRAUP platform provides insight into 20 industries or verticals. Key Verticals that DRAUP covers include Aerospace, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Chemicals & Materials, Construction & Heavy Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Software, Energy & Utilities, Enterprise Software, Food, Beverages & Consumer Goods, Hospital & Healthcare, Industrial, Media & Entertainment, Medical Devices, Metals & Mining, Retail, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, Transportation and Travel & Hospitality.

  • Can I subscribe to DRAUP individually?

    Currently, access to the DRAUP platform is limited to organizations that have to pay an annual subscription fee.

  • How often is the DRAUP database updated?

    The analysis that DRAUP does is an ongoing process, which is updated to the database in real-time to reflect the latest trends and data points.

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