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Healthcare Cloud Enablement: Next Frontier for Digital Services

November 27, 2019

Healthcare Cloud Enablement: Next Frontier for Digital Services


Transforming the healthcare ecosystem towards the digital era with a huge number of legacy systems has always been a challenge for enterprises. Cloud computing and data management solutions are forcing healthcare enterprises to modernize their legacy systems to deliver quality, economical services to their patients.

Cloud’s ability to efficiently process and deliver data that enables analytics and automation helped payers and providers relieve the traditional healthcare challenges.

Healthcare Cloud Enablement


Cloud computing and data management have enabled the integration of EHR/EMR, care management, clinical decision support systems, etc. that are reaping significant benefits for patients and enterprises.


  • EHR Solutions improvises quality care with better diagnosis, patient management, few medical errors and reduced patient wait times at a lower cost.
    • Cx360, an EHR platform simplifies behavioral health experience by delivering integrated patient care, engagement and offering real-time provider reimbursement.
  • Care Management comprises a set of activities for improving patient care with increased coordination between caregivers and patients.
    • VirtualHealth collaborated with Inter Valley Health Plan and implemented its care management platform to manage and synchronize care for its Medicare members.
  • Image Handling Services to provide comprehensive data from medical imaging modalities like MR, X-ray, CT, ultrasound, etc.
    • GE Healthcare’s Edison platform uses AI to detect anomalies in medical images to gain actionable insights and enable faster and precise patient care.


Payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies are reaching out to off-the-shelf platform providers and technology service providers to accelerate the digital use case enablement. These partnerships are proving to be fruitful for the healthcare ecosystem to achieve significant care benefits for patients.


  • GE Health partnered with TCS to leverage the company’s cloud expertise to generate impactful data-enabled use cases for healthcare.
  • HCL’s Faster Intelligent Trials (FIT) solution teamed up with Oracle mHealth Cloud to develop and scale digital clinical trial systems for life sciences companies.


It is evident that cloud is facilitating seamless data access among the healthcare ecosystem stakeholders with enhanced security towards better patient care. This has created an immense outsourcing opportunity for the service providers to align their key cloud solution offerings towards digital health:


  • Cloud Migration Services
  • DC Modernization with Hybrid Cloud
  • Application Modernization
  • Clinical Data Integration
  • Care Administration
  • Provider Network Management