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Everything You Need to Know About Hospital IT
Everything You Need to Know About Hospital IT
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


Everything You Need to Know About Hospital IT

24 Apr 2019
1. Several Initiatives Around Smart Care and Patient Management
The healthcare industry has come a long way to shed its tag of being ‘digital laggards’. Hospitals are driving technology advancements by creating a digital framework for seamless integration of all aspects of patient care and administration. Almost all advancements in the hospital IT ecosystem revolve around 5 major themes – Smart Care, Patient Information Management, Remote Care, Medical Devices, and Intelligent Enterprise Systems.
Hospital IT
2. Over $250 Bn in Technology Spends
The global hospital IT spends have exceeded $250 BN as of 2018 with huge investments being made in digitizing patient management, connected electronic health records, and precision medicine. Healthcare providers are also significantly investing in digital data solutions to create the infrastructure needed to record, store, and present patient information that can be accessed from every facility.
3. Unearthing Digital Hospital Hotspots
Over 40% of all digitization investments in the hospital industry is consolidated within the US. Hospitals in Texas, California & Boston are benefitting from the rich technology and research ecosystem making them prime partnerships targets. There is also an increase in investments in the APAC region thanks to high adoption of digitization in countries with lower birth rates such as China and Japan.