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Education 4.0 – Digital learning platform trends and service provider opportunity
Education 4.0 – Digital learning platform trends and service provider opportunity
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


Education 4.0 – Digital learning platform trends and service provider opportunity

27 Aug 2019

Technology can be a powerful tool to transform education by advancing relationships between educators and students, shrink long-standing accessibility gaps, and reinvent experience in learning and collaboration, to meet the needs of all learners. EdTech enablers like Byju’s, Udemy and Coursera are leading the innovation by offering EdTech solutions across 4 major segments- learning, teaching, assessment, and infrastructure. The different solutions offered by EdTech start-ups include online learning, interactive classroom, Gamification, learning management systems and administrative tools.

    • Companies like GameDesk, Trinket and Duolingo are gaining attention due to their gaming concept in the form of simulation, level advancement and incentives-based learning
    • Tech giants like Google, Apple are penetrating the EdTech space by offering device, infrastructure as well as education tools for schools and universities to redefine learning experience


Digital learning platform trends


Rapid growth in smartphone penetration and access to low cost internet, has allowed EdTech companies to scale rapidly. Increasing adoption of augmented and virtual reality, robotics, adaptive learning, alongside blended and online modalities is expected to experience real growth and innovation over the next few decades. EdTech giants and universities are partnering with technology providers that can offer solutions and services that improve profitability and de-risk investments in the platforms, products and programs.

    • The Training Room, a leading UK provider of technical training courses is leveraging the ‘TCS iON Digital Learning Hub’ to provide a platform for UK and international students seeking skills and technical courses. ‘TCS iON’ is a cloud-based content delivery platform that hosts content from many other educational and professional institutions covering a vast range of work-related learning opportunities.
    • UCAS, the admissions service for UK higher education is leveraging Infosys digital services to develop technology capabilities that connect learners to multiple destinations, such as universities, awarding bodies, schools and other organisations, using a dynamic digital suite of systems


All learning ecosystem stakeholders – educational publishers, schools, universities and educational technology providers – need an efficient and unique technology solutions to accelerate their digitization efforts. Service providers need to rapidly identify high-impact technology trends that drive learner-centricity and offer niche solutions across the learning value chain. Some of the major service and solution opportunities that SPs address include:

    • Infrastructure development and modernization for schools and universities
    • Content management platform development and modernization
    • Hybrid content delivery on managed and unmanaged devices
    • Immersive experience design and development through AR/VR platforms
    • Data analytics and Automation for operational use cases like enrollment, application analysis, financial aid packaging etc.