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From Our Data Wizards – Recent Data Discoveries

July 12, 2018

From Our Data Wizards – Recent Data Discoveries


Using DRAUP Psychographic Analysis, we established a correlation between the personality of decision makers and strategic directives of a company.


How different are the decision makers in tech firms as opposed to their counterparts in automotive companies?
Our research says – quite different!

Tech Giants have hired leaders capable of identifying trends and building newsletters for the future. They have insulated themselves from disruption by hiring “challenge driven”, “visionary” and “imaginative” individuals.
The Auto Giants seem to have focused more on things like cost-cutting and efficiency evidenced by the number of “rational” & “persuasive” leaders. Auto companies value rationality and tech companies hunt for challenge driven individuals.

What’s Brewing in BRAINDESK?

Here’s what our BrainDesk team’s fact-finding unearthed about Ford’s Autonomous Vehicle plans. Our research suggests that Ford is a clear front-runner in the automotive industry’s AV ambitions.

Ford Autonomous Vehicle Strategy Teardown

  • Ford has invested more than $1bn in start-ups in the last two years primarily in 3-D mapping, radar technology, camera sensors and more.
  • Newly appointed Ford veteran Sherif Marakby is spearheading the roadmap to develop an SAE ‘Level 4’ Autonomous Car by 2021.