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Empowering HR Transformation in the Age of AI

A Talent Summit by Draup


Draup Connect – 2023 is our marquee HR event that underscores the transformative trends and innovations shaping the future of human resource management.

Set against the iconic backdrop of New York City, this edition of the Draup Connect is dedicated to the theme of "Empowering HR Transformation in the Age of Al."

Why You Should Attend

Draup Connect is the premier industry event for business and HR leaders who are seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of talent management, reskilling, and workforce innovation. This event provides a unique platform for attendees to network with industry peers, gain insights from renowned experts, and discover the latest trends and tools in the talent landscape.

Join us for:

Insightful Discussions: Delve deep into how AI is revolutionizing HR processes, from recruitment to talent retention.

Expert-led Workshops: Engage in hands-on sessions that equip HR professionals with the skills to harness the potential of AI effectively.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, tech innovators, and peers to share challenges, solutions, and visions for an AI-integrated HR future.

Our lineup of speakers includes trailblazers from both the tech & HR domains.

Who's It For?

This event is crafted for HR professionals who aspire to be at the forefront of their field. Whether you're an HR leader, talent acquisition specialist, or anyone engaged in shaping the workforce of tomorrow, Draup Connect will provide you with unparalleled insights into how AI is reshaping the HR landscape.

This is a must attend event if you fall under any of the below titles:

•   Human Resource Officers •   Chief Investment Officers •   Chief Financial Officers •   Chief People Officers •   Chief Learning Officers •   Talent Acquisition Leaders •   Talent Management •   Recruiters •   HR Operations/People Operations •   Human Resource Business Partners •   HR Technology/IT •   Diversity & Inclusion/People & Culture

As the global business landscape continues to evolve, embracing Artificial Intelligence has become more than just an advantage—it's a necessity. At Draup Connect, we're gathering thought leaders, industry experts, and visionaries to delve into the remarkable synergy between Al and talent.

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