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We Respect Your Privacy

Draup makes it easy for you to remove your information from the platform. However, here are a few things you might miss out on if you do proceed:

Highlight business information

Draup highlights your most relevant business information to help you attract new opportunities and deals

Attracts hyper-targeted proposals

Having your business profile on Draup enables prospects to reach out to you with hyper-targeted proposals in your specific areas of interest

Most updated profile

Draup maintains an updated record of your professional profile that helps recruiters to match your skills with in-demand job roles

Choose what data to showcase

Your data is always up-to-date and you can reach out to us at [info@draup.com] for any changes required

Confirm your identity to proceed

    This information will be used solely for identity verification purposes and to honor your privacy preferences. Draup will not sell your information