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February 13, 2024

    Draup is Trusted by 200+ Global Enterprises

    Enabling Generative AI Capabilities in Talent Management Functions

    Draup’s unique approach to talent decision-making harnesses the power of GenAI to offer businesses a competitive edge. Our real-time data-driven AI platform enables you to unravel and navigate the intricate layers of talent strategies effortlessly, ensuring precise alignment with your overarching business goals, and propelling you towards unprecedented growth and success.

    Meet the Speakers

    As enterprises rapidly pivot to incorporate Generative AI (Gen AI) into their operations, they face significant knowledge gaps regarding its integration and application in specific business contexts.

    Vijay will guide attendees through the nuances of integrating Gen AI in business, outlining an essential blueprint for developing Gen AI talent that aligns with business functions.

    His discussion will also focus on the current trends and burgeoning opportunities in Gen AI. Vijay will also highlight the emerging skills and roles essential in the Gen AI arena, addressing how this technology is influencing various business sectors, including HR. His insights aim to provide a deeper, more nuanced understanding of Gen AI’s transformative role in shaping the future of business.

    Tanu has been a part of Pfizer for the last 9 years in the People Analytics/HR Data Science space. In her current role as Director, PX Data Science, Tanu leads the Data Science team for the HR domain within Pfizer’s Digital organization wherein she drives strategic consulting around analytics, related to colleague productivity and work enablement in support of company’s purpose blueprint.

    Tanu and her PX Data Science team partner with various internal and external stakeholders in creating a high-performance work environment by pioneering innovative people analytics and insights. In her role, Tanu is responsible for delivering insightful research that drives our HR Corporate strategy forward and supports our corporate leaders in creating talent performance related solutions that deliver breakthrough business results. Some of Tanu’s recent innovative work projects have focused on piloting Collaboration Analytics using Organizational Network Analysis and enabling Gen AI capability around HR use cases at Pfizer.

    Tanu brings over 20 years of professional experience in workforce analytics roles across companies like Pfizer, Merck and Mercer HR Consulting involving data reporting, advanced statistical modeling, and analytical consulting in positions of increasing responsibility coupled with a strong academic background in economics, statistics, econometrics and HR from top US (NYU) and Indian universities (Delhi School of Economics) that equip her with quality tools & resources, domain expertise and experience to offer practical business solutions for corporate decision making.

    Meghan Rowles is currently Senior Manager, PX Data Science at Pfizer, where she provides strategic internal consulting in People Analytics Data Science and advanced analytics, supporting People Experience leadership and global stakeholders. In this role, Meghan partners with the PX Data Science team to execute analytical projects using advanced statistical models, making recommendations on complex business issues through visualizations and storytelling.

    Meghan has worked for Pfizer for over 15 years, mainly within the HR organization, providing data and analytics expertise to enable company leaders to drive accountability and data-driven solutions. More recently, her role on the PX Data Science team within Pfizer’s Digital organization has involved analysis of global DEI measures, Strategic Workforce planning, and location analysis. In recent months, Meghan’s work has focused on the enablement of Gen AI projects within Pfizer.

    She is based out of Collegeville (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania. Meghan completed her M.S. in Human Resource Management from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and undergraduate degree in Telecommunications/Business Administration from Penn State University.

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