our mission

To rely on data to solve problems.

For centuries, Organizations have leveraged consultants and strategy experts to help them with decision making. These experts tend to rely more on intuition than data to solve problems.

our vision

To disrupt enterprise decision Making.

We want to put remarkable interpreted data assets in the hands of decision makers. We will do this through carefully developed heuristics on top of vast amount of data using AI.


Advisors and SMEs

Stephen Snyder

Stephen Snyder

New Business Operations

Steve focuses on the strategic planning, launch and operation of new businesses, products and services in the telecom, media and renewable energy sectors in US and emerging markets. He has over 30 years of international business and technology consulting experience.

Theo Forbath

Theo Forbath

Digital and Technology Expert

Theo Forbath has spent the last 25 years leading global, inter-disciplinary teams for enterprises, technology vendors and service providers. He helps clients commercialize competitive business models for the digital economy, design connected products, and realize new forms of top-line and customer value from the application of disruptive technologies such as IoT, AI and mixed reality.